ARLIS/NA, March 2016, Margaret English, Department of Art Librarian, University of Toronto,

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Puppetry Journal, Summer 2015, published by the Puppeteers of America, pages 18-21

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The Music Box Magazine, (United Kingdom) page 145

Puppet Life, fall 2015,
published by Los Angeles Puppetry Guild,
member of Puppeteers of America

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Holiday Issue, Carousel and Automatic Music, (specializes in automata and musical machines) cover, page 3

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Musique Mécaniques Vivantes, French magazine specializing in automata and musical machines. Front Cover and page 42.
Translation from the French appears below.

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Facebook post by Dimitri Jageneau, Theater Director of a well-known puppet theater in Brussels, Belgium


Libraire…Translation from the French

Literature has been enriched by a beautiful work on automata. Written in English, its primary purpose is to explain how automata function, and how to render movement as precisely and naturally as possible. Numerous illustrations describe the mechanisms of mechanical figures and automata, not only for the traditional “Golden Age” automata, but also for contemporary creations. This book will interest not only amateurs curious about understanding the details of mechanisms, even complex ones, but also all those who want to restore or create them, and who will find, in this book, the basic knowledge necessary to understand mechanical movements as well as all the many ways to use them. This book can be purchased in the Morris Museum book shop, and also on its website. The Morris Museum houses and exhibits the famous Guinness collection of antique automata and musical machines and is very active in the promotion of musical machines and mechanical music in general. Morris Museum Shop Web Site

Translation for Jageneau review:

Figures in the Fourth Dimension, a magisterial book, an event…a pedagogical, historical, and aesthetic tour (de force)… An approach encompassing contemporary puppets in the United States, and the creativity of their companions, the automata. Where are the puppets and their doubles…the automata? You will find here some thoughts a propos to this brilliant work. This is an historic work! Thank you, Ellen Rixford, its author.