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Buying the book

Figures in the Fourth Dimension was printed in a limited edition. Many have already been sold to libraries, galleries, museums, academic institutions and individuals.

If you are a bookseller, please contact Ellen Rixford directly using the email at left.

If you are a buyer in Europe, Scandinavia, and the UK please check the Frequently Asked Question section for some purchasing options.

The price of the book is $80. At 512 pages, hard cover, it is a hefty book, measuring 11.25" x 8.75" x 1.5" and weighing 5 pounds. Plus packaging materials, the package would be close to 5.3 pounds.

To purchase the book, simply access the PayPal/credit card button above, put in your information, and you should expect a book or books pretty soon.

We have done our best to make the book's shipping and handling charges as reasonable as possible, making sure that the book is protected against damage, has a tracking number, and is insured. If you look at the following shipping rates, you will notice that shipping charges per book are much less if you can get together with friends or colleagues, share a box, and have two or three books shipped to the same address.

Domestic shipping and handling rates

1 book: After researching prices and ways to ship, it seemed clear that for one book, Media Mail…a kind of book rate for domestic shipping, with added insurance, is the most reasonable. Shipping plus handling comes to $11.52. It isn't quite as fast as a Medium Flat Rate box, but it is several dollars cheaper. It takes a few more days to arrive than a Flat Rate box, (around 7+ business days) but shipping time isn't all that long.

2 books: Two books fit in a Priority Medium Flat Rate box. Shipping time is a bit faster than Media Mail, (around 3-5 business days) and the shipping rate, plus handling charges, is $13.80. If you can double up with a friend or colleague to order a book each, at the same address, charges would be $6.90 per book.

3 books: Three books fit in a Priority Large Flat Rate box. For all Priority Flat Rate boxes, shipping time is about 3-5 business days. Shipping rate plus handling is $18.30. If three people can get together and order 3 books sent to the same address, shipping rate per book would be $6.10.

Canada shipping and handling rates

Please check customs regulations. As Canada is outside the US, rates are higher. Media Mail isn't competitive with Priority Flat Rate boxes in Canada. The rates are as follows:
1 book or 2 books: Priority Medium Flat Rate box, shipping and handling $45.45. For shipping two books in one box, to the same address, because it's a flat rate, the rate is half ($22.73) per book.
3 books: Large Priority Flat Rate box, shipping and handling $59.25. If three people can get together and have three books shipped in one box, to the same address, the rate would be $19.75 per book.

Overseas shipping and handling rates

Please check customs regulations. Regrettably, overseas rates are terribly high. We have found less expensive ways to get books to you, if you buy books through European book sellers we list below, under FAQ's or Frequently Asked Questions....Please see: Are there dealers in Europe from whom I might buy the book? Try contacting these sources; they may save you money.
1 book: shipped in a Priority Mailing box, a little cheaper than a Priority Medium Flat Rate box..$58.05. Shipping times vary a great deal depending on the country to which the package is shipped, and the customs there. But Priority Mail of all kinds is meant to be fairly efficient and rapid. Package should arrive in about a week, more or less.

2 books: shipped in a Priority Medium Flat Rate box, rate is $65.45. That would work out to be $32.73 per book.

3 books: shipped in a Priority Large Flat Rate box, rate is $84.45. That works out to $28.15 per book.

Again, if possible, it saves shipping costs to ship two or three books in the same package, to the same address.

I hope this is helpful. If you have any difficulty receiving your books, please email me.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my book be shipped out; how long will it take to arrive?

The books are shipped out immediately upon order. The Paypal window gives an approximate time, but it normally depends on where you are located. Within the US, about a week to 10 business days normally, sometimes less. For Canada and overseas locations, a lot can depend on the country. We use the US Postal Service (USPS) which connects packages up with foreign postal services, as the packages have to go through customs. For Europe and UK, usually 2 weeks to 15+ business days…… more or less. For the Far and Middle East, or for some countries with unusually stringent customs regulations, it can take longer. There were more rapid shipping services available, but for a large heavy book like Figures in the Fourth Dimension, they are exponentially more expensive. Please be patient. We want happy customers, and wide distribution of the book.
By the way…If you like the book, please tell your friends and colleagues about it, and show the book to local schools and libraries. School libraries and public libraries will make the book more available to the public….to students and young artists.

Can a book be stolen before it reaches me?

Safe book delivery is insured by the US Postal Service from the time a book is shipped out, to the time it arrives at its destination address. But thefts can occur after a book arrives at the address given for delivery, if the book is left lying around in an unsupervised location, or in the hands of a not-very-responsible third party. Such theft isn’t covered by insurance, because the Postal Service has done its job and sent the package to the designated address. Please make sure that when a book is delivered, it is delivered directly to you, or a designated recipient who will hold it for you, or to a very secure, safe location. We have had minimal problems with this, but the book is a tempting target. Better safe than sorry!

Are there dealers in Europe from whom I might buy the book?

Those living in Europe, Scandinavia, and the UK who would like to purchase Figures in the Fourth Dimension directly from an excellent German bookstore, avoiding the very high postal costs they would incur from having the book sent from the US, can contact the Koenig bookstore. They have books for 85 Euros plus postage (+or- 9 Euros) to your location. Their main bookstore is in Cologne, Germany, but this store has branches in many other locations.

Buchhandlung Walther Koenig GmbH & Co. KG
Ehrenstr. 4
50672 Köln

Tel. +49 221 2059 625
Fax +49 221 2059 640


Another choice, Johan Goyvaerts is a dealer in antique music boxes and musical automata; he takes part in antique fairs and specialized collector fairs all over Europe. He has ordered books from us. You could contact him.

Is your book available in libraries?
Where has your book been purchased

 Figures in the Fourth Dimension has been purchased in over thirty-six countries, including:  The United States, the United Kingdom (England and Scotland), Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Czechoslovakia, South Africa, Israel, Turkey, Iran, Saudia Arabia, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and The Virgin Islands.

Ellen Rixford